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Atari YouTube Player 1.0 (AYT)


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A friend of mine has recently extensive messed with his atari machine and discovered how to deal with YouTube.


Unbelievable, yes - but apperently he did it!


Here's small demo showing you some animation taken from YouTube and running on unmodified atari computer!


It is very early version, so do expect some hiccups. In case of locking-up the animation try pressing SPACE.


Further information will come.








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Ok, further development. ;)


Added preliminary time support (not working fully yet).


And corrected a bit DLI procedure (contained some rubbish instead of valid values).


Enjoy. :D



Edit: Don't drink & code. :D


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OK, let's continue this fun a bit (why not?). :)



Here's some new "improvements":


- smarter buffering (no more waiting so much)


- bigger buffer


- NSFW content support (and yeah - the animation is NSFW as well).


- and hehe - no more this time as the sources "have been accidentally lost and will got found probably near the next 1st of April", hahahaha. :D


Have fun!






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