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The Official ULTIMATE PONG thread - IntellivisionRevolution


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Who said I'm addicted? Did I ever use that word? Please give me the name and address of whoever used that word. Otherwise, you just added it to the conversation randomly.


I said you were addicted.


I think you have talked about it in other threads if I remember correct?


You haven't denied it....... lololol

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I know that, but we've come so far since those days. Is technology not advanced enough now, to make it a circle?

Since the intent is to honor the original variations of classic Pong arcade machine and it's knockoffs and successors (along with a few new variations,) the ball should be a square...just like the guy releasing it ;)

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Its a square because my head is square. End of story.

Seems reasonable enough. :P









Just kidding Rev... :) no insult indented... I agree with Cmarts quote.

Did I love pong square ball and all...

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