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HUGE Lot of ATARI computer items found in inlaws home

Brad Block

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I have boxes and boxes of ATARI computer items found in my inlaws home. 3 130XE, 1 in a box, 1 800, 2,800XL one in a box, disk drives, 3 1050 disk drives, modems, programs, manuals all look new, cables etc.


Looking to see if there is any value here. Wanting to let it go to one person unless other circumstances come up.


Let me know what you all think of it.


Thanks in advance!












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Wow, forgot it was April fools day.


No joke here.


Located in Lombard Il.


This pic is all the hardware. I also found a dito drive if thats worth anything.


I appreciate everyones honesty on this site. Beats Craigslist and Ebay any day. Even if you are not interested, whats the worth? Is there anything that stands out as more rare than another piece?


I will post the software titles soon.


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Ok, this is what I found for software. Almost everything has the box, disk or cartridge, and manual. Most boxes are not great, but they are there. Not faded, but just smooshed.



Pack Man

Space Invaders

Pacific Coast Highway

Sesame Street Print Kit

Congo Bongo

Davids Midnight Magic

Ball Blazer game only

Monopoly game only

Wheel of Fortune game only

PrintShop & Print Shop companion no box

Net Worth

Data Soft Spell Wizard

Star League Baseball

Time Wise

Atari Writer

Computer Facts in Time


Advanced Music System looking for disc

Music Composer

Paperclip looking for disc

Pole Position

Touch Typing

Invitation to programming 2

Ms Pack Man

Star Raiders




Also some books if people are looking for that kinda stuff

101 Atari computer program tips & tricks

your Atari computer 400 & 800

Inside Atari Dos

Computes 1st book of Atari

Atari Basic Book

Inside Atari Basics

Atari Games and Recreations

Picture this


All the hardware seems to have the owners manual as well. I am almost certain all the cables are in the one box as well.


I dont have the time to piece it all, but will piece some if needed. If you need something, just let me know.



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Found some more


F15 Strike Eagle

Las Vegas Video Poker looking for game box only

In search of the most amazing thing


Snooper troops 1

Snooper Troops 2


Party Quiz complete with controllers and new in sealed box entertainment add on 1

Computer Chess

Video Easel

Super Break Out

ET Phone Home

Home Inventory

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