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"FEEDBACK JOYSTICKS" --- for retro computers!

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a) Some of the programmers here at Atari Age rival ANYONE who designed

and made many of the popular video games of the past.


b) Atari Age is home to some AWESOME hardware hackers as well.


So what about FORCED FEEDBACK JOYSTICKS? I'm sure something could be designed to work with multiple platforms like Atari, Apple, TI, Commodore, etc. The only thing that would have to be different is the connector and pin outs for the various machines. Heck, there are already joysticks made, maybe a 'universal interface' is all that's needed... and of course code for the various machines.


Could this be the 'next great thing' for the home computer retro-market? Just imagine playing Afterburner on your classic computer.



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Just imagine playing Afterburner on your classic computer.

Heh, I already play Afterburner on my Commodore 64. :) As for a force-feedback joystick, the closest thing I have is "force-feedback" headphones. The headphones shake, based on the loudness of the sound it receives. Would a FF joystick respond to sounds in the classic game?


Riding the San Joaquin train through California,

Robert Bernardo

Fresno Commodore User Group


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If a hobbyist decided to make a small interface device for classic computers, there would be no patents to infringe. All it would be doing is translating for an existing device.

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I think the difficulty would be in the game side of it. Games today that take advantage of FF are programmed to do so, classic games were never designed with this in mind so how would the FF device know what feedback to apply?

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