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My latest find!


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So, I found this guy who is selling off a ton of 8-bit (Atari, Commodore, TI) hardware and software that belonged to his dad. He's a very motivated seller who lives just south of Baltimore. I went with $100, figuring that's all I would need because all I was really looking for was a new power supply and 1541 drive for my C64.


I'm in awe at all the stuff he's got! I told him what I was looking for and how much I have to spend. So, for my $100, I got:


New power supply for my C64

1571 disk drive for my C64

Atari 1200xl computer, still in original packaging (not sealed, though.)


And he threw in a really cool framed Pac Man sign for free.










I wasn't planning on buying the 1200xl (I have an 800xl already), but I'd never seen one before and thought it would fun to play with. :)


If anyone is near the Baltimore area and wants to get in touch with him or go see what he has, he asked me to post his contact info because he really wants to unload this stuff as quickly as possible. Most of it is new, unused. Some stuff is still in unopened boxes. If nothing else, it was worth the trip down memory lane. :)


Here's his contact info:


Mark Whipple


(410) 707-5080


Here's a link to the CL ad:



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Nice I landed A 1200XL Console Only With Controller For 20.00. I have a spare supply so I hope it fires right up. I wish that guy from cl had carts available too


He has a handful of carts...nothing really rare, but get back in touch and ask what he has. :)

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