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atari2600land's Blog - i is for inability (to move up or down)


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Worked some more on this. I had to get up earlier than usual because everyone came over for my dad's birthday party we held today at my house even though dad doesn't live here. When I got tired of visitors, I retreated into my room and started programming. It took about two hours, but I finally got the i to move left and right. I can't figure out how to move it up and down, which I'd need if the lowercase i were to jump. I think my computer is in a not liking me mode today so I might try again later. It took a few hours to do, most of which was spent on the i throwing his dot like a boomerang. Once I got that figured out, I decided to add a whip cracking sound to it. I tested it in the Odyssey 2 and there is a little bug that is with the Voice where if you press the Action button during the intro, when the game starts, it sounds like the i is burping. I thought it's funny so I'm keeping it in, plus I doubt many people who didn't read this would find it anyway. Another day another yellowjacket. This one crashed the party. Outside it went. It's only April 2 and it's already gotten to be hot in my room now. The fan is going because the A/C makes it colder than you'd think. I am wanting to buy a Zelda 2 game and manual for research so if you have one, PM me. It's not the game so much as the manual. But I'll take a game as well.

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