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Handheld HSC: Premiere Season Round Pilot: Super Mario Land

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Since this is the premiere season of the handheld contest, I thought I'd call the round a pilot, just like in TV, you sell a pilot to see if your show is picked up.



No cheating, save states, codes, passwords, game geine etc.


For this game, the only free man you are allowed to get is by getting 100 coins, go in the bottom door at the end of each level. Your game ends at the game over screen or when you beat the game.


Scoring System:


Depending on how many people join in for this week will determine how I'll score. For example if there are 10 different posters who post a score, then 1st will get 10, 2nd 9, and so on.



Post the name of an unsold game show pilot. +1


This round won't count towards the final standings

Deadline 4/11/2016 12:00 PM



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Producer: Barris/Fraser
Host: Bob Hilton
Announcer: Charlie O'Donnell
Celebrities: Stuart Pankin, Elayne Joyce
Taping Info: Sometime between February 1 and March 26, 1986 for ABC



Failed due to it being a blatant rip off of To Tell the Truth.

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I had a little over that with 8 extra lives, but walked into a telephone pole & crashed my game boy.


actually only 3 of those extras were legit for this entry so I'd planned to stop when it dropped to 4.


I got an accidental 3up at world 2 auto bonus

& accidentally collected heart 1ups twice.

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