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Wanted: Negative Feedback (In Video Form) Of My YouTube Channel

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In a few months I will be releasing the third installment of Greatest Hits of my YouTube channel which become my channel's trailer. I always like to include new footage.


So for fun, I thought I would ask the community to provide me with negative feedback in video form. Ideally videos would be 15-30 seconds long.


The only thing I ask is not to target my kids. Consider saying things like "they suck at video games" "they're just not funny" and stuff like that.


In return I would include a text overlay providing your YouTube channel's name, your Twitter ID, web site etc. whatever you want.


I have cloud storage where you can upload your videos. We can make arrangements through PM.





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I think your videos are funny. I especially like when you slow down sound clips and show bits from movies, etc. I also think your kids are cool and your show is quite intertaining. I thought is was funny when your neigbor called you a bum to your wife. :-D

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I thought is was funny when your neigbor called you a bum to your wife. :-D


That was my father-in-law who called me a bum. Do you know I had to practically pull his teeth just to say that? He's a devout Catholic that goes to church everyday and he didn't want to do it because he didn't want to lie. I convinced him by saying "it's just acting."

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