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Upgrade to DMP 100 Printer ROM


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This question is somewhat moot since I no longer have a DMP 100 printer, but I have vague memories of seeing advertisements for a replacement ROM. Did such a product exist?


The print quality from the DMP 100 was VERY poor; it was not usable for much more than program listings and informal correspondence, so I can see a market for something to improve the quality of the output.

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It looks like the DMP 100 was one of a related family of printers.




The VIC-1525 was manufactured by a third party (Seikosha). Non-Commodore printers using this hardware were the nearly identical "Gorilla Banana", "Tandy DMP-100" and "Radio Shack LPVII". The VIC-1525 differed from these by the colour of its moulded plastic, the addition of a Commodore serial bus port, device number switch, and custom PETSCII ROM.




While, presumably, the ROM was slightly different with each model, it does not appear that the print quality was improved any.

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Was there possibly an upgrade to IBM compatibility? I would have really liked a ROM replacement for my DMP-110, especially after moving from my Model III to a 1000EX. I even opened it up hoping to find some hidden dip switches. That printer was (is-still own it) one of a kind and never really supported by Radio Shack. Even the ribbon cartridges were only for that model and not shared with any others. I made one expensive mistake buying that printer. Oh, the print quality sucked too!

In the late 80s I bought a Star NX1000 II. 20 years later, Windows XP still supported it and my local Staples still stocked new ribbons. It really does letter quality and was my main printer until I went to laser a few years ago.

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