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HSC01 Round 5: Clowns/Brickyard


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Round 5 ended yesterday, April 17, 2016. There were five qualifying entries for the high score contest.


Final Tables




1st BallyAlley 1,369 5 pts

2nd nd2003grad 1,018 4 pts

3rd darthkur 590 3 pts

4th ranger_lennier 310 2 pts

5th roadrunner 290 1 pt




1st nd2003grad 580 5 pts

2nd BallyAlley 552 4 pts

3rd roadrunner 343 3 pts

4th darthkur 254 2 pts

5th ranger_lennier 217 1 pts


"Brick 'N The Wall"


Every player who played the BASIC bonus game gets a point. BallyAlley (that's me) earned an extra point for scoring the highest on this little diverting game.


1st BallyAlley 1,822 2 pts $ (Bonus point for highest score)

2nd nd2003grad 470 1 pt

3rd ranger_lennier 458 1 pt


Total points awarded this round:


Note that the first point on a row is for the Brickyard score, and the second point on a row is for the score on Clowns.


BallyAlley 5 + 4 + 1 + 1 = 11 pts #$

nd2003grad 4 + 5 + 1 = 10 pts #

darthkur 3 + 2 = 5 pts

ranger_lennier 2 + 1 + 1 = 4 pts #

roadrunner 1 + 3 = 4 pts


Bonus Points Key:


Note that I have not awarded any bonus points for "Highest Level Reached." I noticed that in the initial post for this round's rules, I failed to say for which game the "Highest Level" point would have been awarded (though, at the time, I had Brickyard in mind). Since the high score and the highest level reached go hand-in-hand, awarding a bonus point for reaching the "highest" level is basically just like re-awarding a point for earning the highest score.




! - Beating 1,722 Points in "Brickyard" on professional (No Point Awarded)


"Brick 'N The Wall" (Bonus Points):


# - Playing "Brick 'N The Wall"

$ - "Brick 'N The Wall" High Score

% - Video of "Brick 'N The Wall" (No Point Awarded)


Please, check your scores. ;)


Congratulations to Round 5's winner, BallyAlley!

(Should I congratulate myself like that? It feels kind of weird to talk about myself in the third-person.)


The next round we're going to try our first third-party cartridge game: Mazeman. This one is hardly ever mentioned, which is partially why I have picked it. Another influence for the choice of Mazeman was that I ran across a review of it last week and I posted it to BallyAlley.com. I realize that not everyone has this game cartridge (it's extremely rare), but it is available on (I think) all of the Astrocade multicarts. If you don't have a multicart, then you can always play it under Astrocade emulation in MAME.


The official start of Round 6 will be announced tomorrow, but feel free to start wandering your way through the twelve mazes that make up the world of Mazeman.

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Just wanted to say I hope you guys are enjoying playing and well done to BallyAlley for getting this HSC up and running :thumbsup: I hadn't heard of this system but it looks fun and I might keep an eye out for game ideas for the Atari 8-bit :)


Thanks, TRBB-- that means a lot coming from you (after all, I've modeled this HSC after the Atari 8-Bit one that you run). If a game sound interesting to you, then you can play it in the Astrocade emulator included in MAME. It would be pretty cool to play the same (or similar) Astrocade and Atari 8-Bit game during the same HSC round.

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I should have 4 points total, not 6 points. Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't have said anything. | :)


Fixed it. Thanks for pointing that out. If I'd used the calculator built into the Astrocade for that extremely difficult math, then there wouldn't have been an error.



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