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Broken Cartridge Slot


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Is there any one here that can fix a broken cartridge slot on an Atari 400. I somehow broke the tabs off the cartridge slot when removing a game. Now only games without the dust protector will work. It looks like you would have to take the whole system apart, just to replace this. I do have a broken 800xl, but I don't know how to swap the parts. I live in the Seattle area. Any ideas, or any one that can help.

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The plastic cover which has the tabs to open the dust cover on cartridges has 2 tabs which go through holes to hold it to the circuit board from the other side.

I believe in some cases there's a dab of silicone glue to help keep it in place but it's easily gotten rid of.


Yes, you'll have to pull the machine apart. Not really that hard, though you'd need to take care with things like the keyboard connector as the pins can get oxidized and hard to get apart.


Just take photos, keep each lot of screws seperately piled so you know which ones go with each stage of reassembly.

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Quick rundown....


Remove the 6 screws on the bottom of the case. When removing the top case, be careful of the keyboard ribbon. Gently pull it from the motherboard connector (try not to touch the contacts or conductive paint if it's a clear mylar type).


Remove the screw in the back right corner of the shield and the one that's 3 inches right of the back left corner (behind the power jack). If there's a small screw between the joystick ports, remove it too.


Now work the motherboard assembly free from the bottom case. It tends to bind up the little ledges on the support posts and where the ports go through the case. I tend to start with the power switch end when removing it.


It will either have bent tabs or screws holding the shields on. Take the shields off.


From the bottom of the board, you can unclip the cartridge guide. Work one end up slightly, then do the other.


When reassembling, be very careful when inserting the keyboard cable. You'll need two hands to align it and guide it in, so it's best to have someone holding the top case for you.

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