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New Homebrew Genesis Game : Bomb on Basic City !


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Hi all,
Here is my new project on Genesis/Megadrive !
You find again Papi Commando !
This one, the C++ force invade his Basic City, so Papi has to find a near island and prepare his attack ! icon_mrgreen.gif


There are many features in this project :
- Gravity and "Tetris" destruction mode !
- Combo and Super Bomb to gain !
- Many C++ units.
- Cool GFX !
- FM Musics.
- And more ...

I've just done a official Demo of this game !
You can play ONLINE ( NesBox - USA Mode ) here : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/108143465/NesBox/md.html
ROM :https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/108143465/BasicCity.bin

Commands :
- START to pause game, action screen game.
- A,B and C to launch the Bomb.
- B and C to launch the SUPER BOMB !
- PAD to move your airplane.

Gameplay :
You are one bomb only by fly, and each fly, your airplane is flying down ( 4 px ), you can go right ( accelerate ) or left ( air brake ) !
You can took some Bonus when you bomb the city or kill the C++ !
- Move Bonus : With this, you can flying UP or DOWN for a fly, just move your PAD UP&DOWN.
- Bomb x 3 : You can launch 3 bombs as you want.
- Buckler Bonus : protect your airplane for AA shoots ( for 2 fly )
Each time you gain Score or Combo, you gained a POW bonus. When this POW if full, you can drop the SUPER BOMB ! Use it with care ! icon_wink.gif

This project is developped with BEX and ASM since 1 month.
There are only 2 zones to free !

I hope you enjoy this new cool game ! icon_mrgreen.gif


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Hi all,

Here are the news for this project :

- Modification of the Plane Gestion.
- The MegaBomb will be more easy to win.
- Zone 2 Modification.
- Fix some bugs.
- GFX effect when the MegaBomb is ready.
- MegaBomb Hitbox fix !
- Screen Zone modification.
- Modification of the Bonus gestion.
- Hiscore gestion for Each zone ! You can play with your friend to gain a new record !
- Save SRAM of the Record Score / Zone !

RDV Play Online : dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/108143465/NesBox/md.html
ROM : dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/108143465/BasicCity.bin

PS :
You can't use Save SRAM with NesBox !

Have fun.

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ChangeLog ( Build 2.02)

- New Menu ! Now you can choose the difficulty level in game ( Easy, Normal, Hard ) and the Init of the SRAM Game's DATA.
- Save gestion for each Zone / Difficulty.
- New Zone 4 : The old Quarter.


( No Save Game with NESBOX !! )

Rdv Online : dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/108143465/NesBox/md.html
ROM : dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/108143465/BasicCity.bin

Enjoy !! grin.png

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! New Demo - Build 2.06 !

What's new ?
- New Zone 7 : The ST Monuments !
- New Zone 8 : The old Mansion !
- New difficulty gestion !
- New Musics ( With DeflekMask tune )

The New Zone 7

The New Zone 8

Two more Zone and the project will be done !! grin.png

RDV WEB : dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/108143465/NesBox/md.html
ROM : dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/108143465/BasicCity.bin

Enjoy !! smiley.png

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Hi all,

Here is some News !

I'm still work the new Zone 9 : "The Pipelines" !


A shiny color zone as I like to to ! grin.png
This zone will be protect by a huge new little BOSS : The War-Train C++ ! ninja.png

The War-Train in action !

I manage to create a new Bomb-Bonus : The Piercing Bomb !

The Bonus

This New Bomb can pierce the Building like paper and explode when it reach the ground.
It's a powerful Bomb to get ! grin.png

Kaboom !


And the better at last, the Physical version will be release ... ;)

See you ! smiley.png

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Hi all,


The game will be published by Second Dimension during this Summer, I hope !

By now, My "Team" & me work to complete the project ( New features, Debugging, etc ... )


Here is a little snapshot of the final zone 10, "The Bunkers" ! :D




Stay tuned ! ;)



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Hi all,

Here is some Dev' News :
- All the zone is done !
- Fix all bugs on real Megadrive.
- New codes Game to win ! No less than 10 games mode to play !
- 6 News musics made by Kaot.
- Graphics improved.

- Etc ...
- And soon, a lot of Challenges to gain the Code Bonus.

Here is a Demo video with 4 modes Game : ( Jumping Zombies, Night Game, Armored Buildings, Mami's Bomber )

See you !

Vetea :)

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