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Jaguar CD Help Please!


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I've looked over other similar posts and mine is a bit different. I've already replaced my cd transport with a new one, got it all hooked up and i'm still having a problem. I know it works, I got a game to read but my problem is the disc still wont spin on its own. If i have the cover off, i can give the dics a spin with my finger to start it and the game works, but if I put the cover on the disc will not start spinning on it's own. I re-did the connection to the motor but still no good. Would love any advice, thanks

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Take some close up pictures of your unit with and without the CD at different angles so I can see if I'm able to see what you are not seeing. If the spinner part where the CD sits is to high, that will cause to much pressure and won't spin the CD. But try that link from the other poster and see if that works. Also, make sure you are using a genuine power supply for the Jaguar CD (and the console itself) The Jaguar is very picky with how much power the unit is getting.

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