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Handheld HSC Premiere Season Round 1: Columns (Game Gear)

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The scoring system will be as usual, last place gets 1 point, building up to first place gets the number of points equal to the number of entries.


This weeks game will be Columns for the Game Gear.





Level:5, Hard


In this season at least 1 bonus will have something to do with the last game played, so from the pilot

Bonus +1: Post a screenshot that has Mario in a subspace room from Super Mario Land. Your room must be different than a previous poster.
Bonus +1: Name some games you want played

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Bonus +1: Name some games you want played



I'll just mention 3 shoot em ups now and add more games later in the Handheld HSC Preseason thread.


GB: Solar Striker

GBC: R-Type DX (game mode: R-Type DX, options: shot - auto I, difficulty - hard)

GBA: Gradius Advance

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