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Atari 600XL Compute

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Just wondering the what you guys would think the value of this system would be? I have a change to pick one up with the Basic Language Cart as well as a few others, with all hook up. Was a TI guy in the 80's and went PC in the 90's. Been been getting back into the TI as of late and was thinking of adding another retro computer.

Thanks, Robb

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It depends upon condition, of course. A 100% working 600XL in good condition might be worth $50 usd. Ebay prices are as usual, inflated 40 to 50% of that, but that's the maximum I would offer for a good one in person and paying cash.


Bear in mind, the 600XL NTSC USA version needs a tv set tuned to channel 2 or 3 for display, no a/v output port on US models. It only has 16kb memory from the factory and will need an upgrade to work with most of the disk based software. No worries if you just want to play cartridge games on it. :)


The XL series has built in BASIC unlike the older 400/800 Atari computers, no real need for a BASIC cartridge. You might consider offering up to $75 if a few good game cartridges are included in the offer. Manuals for the system/games are always nice to have, if included.

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