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Since my computer died, I thought I'd go through my Game Gear collection list I last saved somewhere. I took the three bins of Game Gear games and did just that. As it turns out, I apparently missed one, so now I have 98 instead of the 97 I thought I had. I looked at the Office Max advertisement in Sunday's paper. It showed some desktop computers. But I didn't see any when I went there yesterday. I guess they must have them somewhere else away from all the other computers (which would be stupid), or the ad is lying (which seems more likely.) I still have a cold, though, so I didn't want to deal with setting up a computer, which does seem like a huge job if you're not up to it. I did recover a song I was working on that was saved on my audio recorder. I remixed it with the old computer. And to be sure I will have the mixed version, I backed it up on my website's server. It's so stupid though that my website company will only allow me to upload files 5MB in size or less. That just seems dumb now in an age where everything has a huge file size. And I downloaded a new version of Audacity on my old computer, and I don't know why it didn't want to use the dll file I already had. So I had to download a new one. I don't know why this cold won't go away though. I am getting better, but I am still coughing a lot. And I must say it has been years since I last had one.

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