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BIM pinball machine -- does it exist?


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So...for those of you who've seen The Apple (and are willing to admit it)...


There's a brief shot of someone playing a BIM pinball machine...did that thing ever actually exist?? I'd love to find one of those things....Further details from http://www.jabootu.com/acolytes/bnotes/apple.htm:



Some people are playing on a BIM ("Bakes In Minutes?") pinball machine, which is a regular pinball machine with the triangular BIM (Ah! "Balls In Machine") logo on the back glass. (It also has the word Paragon on the back glass; this is not a shameless plug for the video distribution company, but a vestage from the original machine.)


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Nah, no such thing. Just a Bally Paragon machine "modded" is all and used as the movies prop. Saw things like that all the time BITD. Some would even go so far as change the art on the backglass to something totally different to avoid any potential copyright issues. Some don't and it's probably why you often see "partial" pinball machines in movies. Two quickly come to mind: Tom Cruise's War of the Worlds... machine was sticking out of a closet with the backglass never shown. And watching Home Alone last night, noticed they had a pinball machine up in their attic, but again, all you see is the cab - no shot of the backglass.

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Speaking of arcade games and pinballs in movies and TV, there is one Episode of the A-Team that always makes me laugh. I think Face trying to get Murdock out of the mental hospital and Murdock is obviously playing Space Invaders with the name on the machine simply blocked by a piece of paper stating 'Murdock's Machine' or something like that on it. With the sounds being made and the art on the machine, it's obvious what the game is!

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