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I want to dial a BBS with my Apple //e.


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I'd like to figure out what the best way to dial a BBS from my Enhanced Apple //e would be.

This is what I currently have:

* A Lantronix UDS-10

* An Uthernet II card

* A DB-25M to DB-25M

* A DB-25 to RS-232

* (Obviously) A few working Ethernet cords

* A Super Serial Card in my Apple //e

* A Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 3


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Oh, I also have a DB-25 to USB.


Just a heads up on the serial/USB interface. In the past I've heard of people not being able to get their UDS-10's to work with modern day PC's or Mac's... it has ALWAYS been due to cheap Chinese units not being up to the task. However there is one unit that to my knowledge has NEVER FAILED to perform, and that's the Keyspan. So IF you find you have an issue, this might be something to consider.



  • Some information from their website:
  • Certified: Microsoft WHQL approved Compatible with Apple Sandbox applications
  • High Speed: Supports 230 Kbps - twice the speed of a built in serial port
  • Detachable Cable: Use adapter with any USB cable (up to 5 meters long)
  • LED: Shows adapter status and data activity
  • Plug & Play: Appears as standard COM port
  • Mobile: Easy to carry - weighs just 2 oz.
  • Bus Powered: No external power adapter required
  • Analytic Tools: Includes Windows line monitor and data trace software
  • Field Upgrade: Easy to update over time with free software downloads
  • Easy Expansion: Supports use of multiple adapters on one PC
  • Compliant with the Federal Trade Agreements Act (TAA) for GSA Schedule purchases

Typical Applications

Connect older serial devices such as mice, keyboards, modems, GPS devices, barcode scanners, point-of-sale devices, lab equipment, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), digital signage and AV equipment to your new Mac or PC.


System Requirements

See "Support" tab for drivers.



  • An available USB port
  • Compatible with Windows 98, 98 SE, Me, 2000, XP, 2003 Server, Vista, 7, 2008 Server R2, 8, 2012 Server, 2012 Server R2, and 8.1. Compatible with 32- and 64-bit versions.


  • An available USB port
  • Compatible with Mac OS 8.6 through 9.x, Mac OS X 10.2.8 through 10.10. Compatible with 32- and 64-bit versions.
  • Compatible with Apple Sandbox applications
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Very Easy.


I do it with my SDS-1101 from Lantronix.


Download the guide for your UDS-10 and look at around page 30, it explains which settings work for Modem Mode.


Then I recommend creating a copy of Modem.MGR using ADTPro. In Modem.MGR, you can configure it to work with a Generic 2400 Baud modem. Then you need to configure the Lantronix as 2400 Baud. Then enable half-duplex mode in Modem.MGR which basically turns on Local Echo, so you can see what you are typing.


Now the way you can connect to a BBS from here is simply typing ATDT xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:nnnn

Where x represents the IP, and n represents the port.


I would look for BBS that have Telnet web addresses and use your PC to find the IP address.


I occasionally use: http://ping.eu/nslookup/


my favorite bbs is borderlinebbs.dyndns.org port:6400


At the time of my writing this, the IP is:


So in Modem.Mgr you would type ATDT


The Lantronix should do the rest. Make sure you are hooked up with a Modem Cable, and your SSC is set up for Modem.


If you have any other questions, you can PM me.



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Yeah, another happy Lantronix user.

Although I've only used it with my Amiga, but modem emulation mode works fine....


Even played a game of Firepower with someone in Georgia...

(Make sure your router/switch supports 10M if your Lantronix is a 10M device...)



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  • 6 years later...

Even though I already knew the Uthernet could dial a BBS, when I got the card and tried to find some instructions - just basic things like what program to use,  I could not find the instructions anywhere due to unfortunate labeling not helping google discover the right answer


as it happened, the video that explains that was titled "modern networking"  - no BBS, Telnet, Uthernet, ethernet in the title.

The uthernet site itself, lists IP65 containing 'several utilities' - again no BBS, Telnet is mentioned not making it clear that the utlity you want is IP65.


So on and so forth, could not get Google to suggest any valid site - anyway, that's why I'm resurrecting this old thread.  It's one of the places Google sent me too.  If anyone else has that specific question, and google also send you here, the answer for uthernet users is, downloading IP65 software from github, here:


Releases · cc65/ip65 (github.com)


ip65 disk contains the telnet65 program.  Uthernet is one of the fastest solutions around but the more salient point for me, is it is all I have to use.



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Thanks for the lead - I have an Ethernet II card, but use it in a IIGS.  Connecting to BBS systems is accomplished using the terminal program "Spectrum" which does a passable job of ANSI emulation and ProTerm Special Emulation, covering most bases for the Apple II BBS community.

If I ever stick it into my IIe, I'll be sure to check out IP65


And while we're on the topic, here is a list of current Apple II BBS systems online:


 The Brewery..................................thebrewery.servebeer.com:6400

 The Land of Confusion....................tloc.antsinthepants.com:6502
 Dura Europos................................dura-bbs.net:6359
 Captain's Quarters.........................cqbbs.ddns.net:6502
 Sanctum BBS................................sanctumbbs.com:6502
 The Aerodrome..............................theaerodrome.ddns.net:6502
 DJ's Place......................................bbs.impakt.net:6502 TELNET
 Willamette Apple Connection (WAC)..wacbbs.ddns.net:6502


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