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Hey all, I've posted about this before and got positive reception, so I'm trying to bring more attention to it. Any feedback is appreciated, although there's not much space left in the ROM for new features.


This is an Atari 2600 homebrew game that's been in development for a while, and I believe it's finished now. It's a 4K, single player paddle game with SaveKey/AtariVox support.






In this game, you are an explorer from the year 2050. Much of the world's rainforests have been logged, leading to the discovery of a large temple constructed by ancient civilizations eons ago. You are among the first to be allowed to explore it.


The entrance to this temple is across a long stone bridge, which you have chosen to drive across. Inside the temple you find a golden idol on a stone pedestal. Although you are supposed to leave everything you find, your greed gets the better of you and you remove the idol from where it has sat for thousands of years.

Suddenly, the ground begins to shake. Bricks fall from the ceiling. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea! You run outside just as the entrance caves in. As you get in your car and drive away, you realize that the bridge's supports have dislodged and it's all collapsing behind you! There's no time to think - just drive!


In this game, you must use the paddle controllers to steer your car left and right, avoiding obstacles in your path while collecting treasures.


When you touch a treasure, you will get 1500 points and it will be added to your collection (the yellow dots on the left side of the status bar). You can have up to 5 treasures in your collection at a time. At any point, you can press the paddle controller's trigger to "burn" a treasure, giving you the energy to jump a short distance over any obstacles in your path. Any treasures you have left when your game ends will grant you an extra 1500 points. The game is won upon reaching 99,999 points.


There are different kinds of treasures. Some of them will grant you unique powers:

post-44583-0-09463600-1460528781.png Gold coin: Does not grant any powers, is only worth points.

post-44583-0-21473900-1460528808.png Necklace: Gives you an extra life (the red dots on the right side of the status bar). You can have up to four lives at a time.

post-44583-0-52510800-1460528816.png Jar: Lets you pass through all barriers for a few seconds.

post-44583-0-82112300-1460528841.png Statuette: Lets you jump as much as you want with no penalties for a few seconds.


The game will speed up when you get enough points. There will be a transition period where the game stops generating obstacles briefly, and the speed-up will occur while there are no obstacles on the screen.


The difficulty switches toggle certain features. I highly recommend setting both to A for the full experience (Note: Stella sets both to B by default):

- The left difficulty switch will make obstacles farther apart (B) or closer together (A).

- The right difficulty switch turns moving obstacles off (B) or on (A).


If the game feels too easy for you, enable Speed Freak mode! Simply press the game select switch at any point. When the title screen's background is red, this mode is enabled.


Finally, the most important feature: if you press the paddle trigger while you have no treasures in your collection, you can honk the horn! Wow!


As previously mentioned, the SaveKey and AtariVox are fully compatible for saving high scores (although there are no AtariVox speech functions). It saves unique high scores for Normal and Speed Freak modes. If you want to clear your high scores, press the game select and game reset switches at the same time.


Drive! v1.4 NTSC.bin

Drive! v1.4 PAL.bin


Additionaly, here's a possible label I have for now:


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