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Any game coders?


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I have finished music and graphics for my upcoming game - Kiiro: Yinja Story.


Now I need good game coder or more game coders to finish my first game.



I can code in BASIC and PASCAL only. So no 6502 ASM...


What I have:

Music and Sound FX in RMTTracker (3channels music for mono, 6channels music for stereo, 1channel fx for mono, 2channels fx for stereo)


Main screen picture and menu and pictures between levels and ending picture was painted in Atari Graphics Studio:


Sprites/tiles fonts was made in MATO SIMI FONT MAKER:


Map was made with MATO SIMI MAP MAKER:



And I have huge PNG map on PC and also PDF, ODT with storyline and user manual...


Please let me know if you are interested to be game coder for my Kiiro game...


I have allready another idea for game. This time it will be scifi game on exoplanet.

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