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Well, on Saturday I am going to buy my new computer. One of the first things I'm going to do is restart the Nightmare Nemesis for ActionMax project. I need to find the disc with the program I used to make what I had with. I hope to have it improved from the older version. I have noticed that storage is now 1 TB, which is a lot compared to my old computer and the even older one I'm using in the meantime. I think I have all the video files saved on my camcorder, so all I'll need to do is redraw some backgrounds, the green ghost (sprite?) and make new weird background music. So I hope to have it all done and ready to go by November at the very latest (unless I forget about it. Please remind me to work on it if you really want it.) Also, I have some blank VHS tapes, so if you want a copy on VHS instead of DVD, when it comes time to order, let me know, the special VHS edition is limited to 10 I think. So come this weekend once I have the computer up and running I'll be very busy.

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