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Program Recorder missing power cable


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Hello all!

Very, very new to the TI-99/4a. A college friend recently sold me one for $20. After picking up a TI Extended Basic cart, I found myself very interested in learning Basic as a hobby.

So, I went on eBay and found a "mint condition new in box" black program recorder. If "new" means missing the manual, missing the cable, and came in a box that reeked of mildew. That's eBay for you.

The tape deck itself seems fine, and I cleaned up the cable that leads to the computer. (Cable was definitely coated in mildew... ew... :skull: ) I also already had a manual, but there isn't much to it so wasn't worried about that.

However this brings me to the topic at hand. C batteries will add up fast. I noticed there is an option for a DC adapter. Anyone know where I could find a compatible DC adapter? Or even an original AC adapter?

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hmmm, if I remember correct, there is no powersupply, but a straight AC power cord ?

So, what did you buy ? Do you have a picture ?


And yes, this sounds like "brand new" equipment :-D

Be happy that you did not buy something "AS IS" :grin:



...and welcome to the show ;)

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Here's a couple pics of the side of the recorder: http://imgur.com/a/nMCf6

@Schmitzi - Yup, that's the manual I have, Only talks about plugging in the AC cable, nothing about the DC port

E: Three people have now posted the same AC cords, it just takes generic cords? I should have one lying around from an old laptop... didn't think the dimensions would be the same, or that it really was a straight through AC connection to the wall. Interesting!


E2: off topic - why does it now say combat commando over my avatar...

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