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N-Gage and Bluetooth

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I have never had bluetooth in any of my computers before. I got this new one and it does. I thought "Hey! My N-Gage has Bluetooth as well! Perhaps now I can finally take screenshots and put them on the computer!" So I did. I don't have a plan for my N-Gage, so I can't call anyone on it, but it is a cool gamng device, now made even more cooler by this new feature I can finally use. Woo! It took a while because Windows 10 sucks and I have to get used to it, but at least my computer can do this.

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I owned an N-Gage once, years ago. Probably the strangest piece of gaming hardware I've ever used. Unfortunately, much like the Vita, most of it's best games are ports from other platforms, and pretty much the only compelling reason to own one is the Ubisoft catalog.

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I never thought to try linking it up with more modern Bluetooth capable devices. Back in 2003/2004 I had a Bluetooth adapter for my PC (I think it was required to transmit data and downloaded games on the QD) and the thing was garbage. Between the drivers being troublesome and the connection to the N-Gage being problematic when it did work, it was too much trouble to be of any use. Taking that out of the equation actually makes it kind of useful (like taking snapshots and sending them back to a computer as you have done here).

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Finally I figured this out!

Once you have the N-Gage paired with the computer, click on "Send or receive files via Bluetooth," (on Windows 10) then select to receive them. Then go to your N-Gage and select the picture, then select Send, then via Bluetooth. Then select the device (your computer), and the N-Gage should start having a status bar going to tell you how much it's done. Same with your computer. And you can get beautiful screenshots like this on your computer.



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