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So I bought a Dreamcast game on ePay. I thought I'd play the thing, so I plugged it in. Set the day and everything. I wonder how GameCube can remember what day and time it is when it's unplugged but the Dreamcast can't. Anyway, I thought I'd play Mr. Driller. The game I got so angry at last time I went and played it. I said "I'm going to beat you, so beware," to it. It took a half-hour, but a few tries later, I had finally beaten Beginner Mode. The thing is sooo hard! If they had just taken the stupid "Mr. Driller needs air" element out, it would be a lot more fun. And it would still be challenging because I kept getting squished by blocks falling anyway, even with a lot of air left. A few times I had no choice but to start over because I was on my last life and needed air. But really? Air? Does Mario need air when he's swimming underwater in Super Mario Bros.? I don't think so. I'm thinking about going back to the store and getting Zombie Revenge. I read about cheats, but to unlock them you need to raise a Tamagotchi-type zombie in a VMU mini-game, which is dumb. Does anyone really enjoy Tamagotchi? I like my pet rock Rocky. I don't have to feed him, he never bothers me, and I can leave him alone for a few months and he'll still be there and not be dead. A few Christmases ago, Mom got me a little cage to keep Rocky in. He likes it in there. I know because not once has he tried to escape. He is the best pet I ever had. He has done nothing wrong ever.

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