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Atari Classics Coming to PS4


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Actually now that you mention it, I think I remember there was some press when the Simpsons arcade game got its online release.


Still, that proves the point further. Such games are possible, but are most likely to be, and to date only have been, released one at a time through "safer" distribution channels like online only or attached to something bigger to entice the fans. Thrown into a collection with a couple dozen other arcade games is extremely unlikely.

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The XBLA release of Dig Dug for the 360 joined the XB1 backwards compatibility list in recent days. So all four of these titles that Namco is selling in XB1 form have now had their last-gen versions made compatible as well.


Classy move by Namco. Hopefully XBLA Xevious, XBLA New Rally-X, and the non-XBLA half of Namco Museum Virtual Arcade follows.

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