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Adam Power Supply and Custome Work Needed


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I'm in need of an Adam power supply, or someone willing to mount the appropriate components in my Adam console. I would like it to be able to power both the Adam and my IDE card, too. As a matter of fact, I would like someone to properly install my IDE and RAM boards inside my Adam with all cabling inside the closed lid. It would also be extra cool to have access to the CF card via a plate mounted in a DDP slot. If someone feels they are up to the challenge, please contact me.


Also, if someone has the VGA card upgrade for sale I'd love to obtain one and have it installed, too.

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Two people with the skill set and knowledge of the ADAM come to mind off the top of my head... DJPUBBA and Rey. You should try sending each a PM on here to see if they would be willing.


There is ample space for a system power supkoiply to be installed in the Memory Console with an external power switch, especially with as small as they are now and I recall someone having posted pics of such an installation a couple years ago... would need to search it out.


Powering the IDE Card package via the system power supply and not the power supply provided by Adamcon is easy enough and Rey has posted pics of how he did so in one of his threads. He even included an external On/Off switch specifically for the IDE setup so as not to power it when it will not be used... ie: playing a cartridge game.


The VGA Card can be bought directly from it's creator, Matthew H., on the CodeHackCreate website. The installer needs to be aware that sound needs to be properly tapped from C88 on the CV Delta Board.


I like your idea about mounting the IDE CF Card Adapter in the Data Drive #2 area and had actually though of that already. It would look great with the false door that has the black plastic filler otherwise there will be some extra work with false door with the clear plastic window. To have access to the CF Cards as do modern computers without having to pop off the lid would indeed be sweat.

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