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I had this music making program on the old computer, and I still have the disc for, but it needs the serial number in order for it to work, and I can't find it anywhere! So I guess what I am going to do is buy some blank sheet music and write the song on that. This way I can always keep it even if my computer dies again in a few years. The plan is to compose a song that would take up three CDs worth of music. It wouldn't be the longest song I've done, but it wouldn't be freeform, either. It would always play the same if someone ever decides to play it. My computer is having all these popup ads telling me to get McAfee. And Best Buy keeps e-mailing me telling me to install Microsoft Office, as well as telling me about various products I couldn't care less about. I wrote that now because one just popped up now. Back to what I was writing. I will always have this song unless the house burns down, so when I'm finished with it, I'd better keep it in my fireproof safe. Or buy another one if it gets all full. I am going to the local music store called "Music! Music!" that sells sheet music, as well as blank pads of it, so I am going to get a blank notebook of sheet music. I'd probably need several notebooks of it if I want to make an almost 4-hour-long song. I've even thought up of a good weird name for it: "Legumes in September." It will be an instrumental song for the piano, so it won't be about legumes. I hope the song, when finished, would take 4 hours to play. I don't know, I guess if you take all of Beethoven's works and played them without interruption, it would take that long, and they all managed to survive for centuries. I don't know how, though, since the Declaration of Independence, if taken out of its case, would fall apart. That just seems odd somehow. So I guess both paper and computers each have their downsides: Computers eventually die, and paper only lasts so long. It would be cool if someone would invent a way to keep stuff forever. I've learned a lot about writing sheet music by hand from that program, so I guess writing it by hand would be the next logical step for me to take. So the next time William DuVane asks me what is in my safe, I will answer "Legumes...In September," that is, if I ever finish it.

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