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So it is inevitable that while working on Lowercase i for the Odyssey 2 that I will have to make it 4k. I have a plan on how to do just that. I will copy and paste the control scheme into the new bank since I don't have any idea how to jump back and forth between the two banks. All I know about bankswitching on the Odyssey 2 is that to go from bank 1 to 0 you use "jmp 0387h". I flirted with bankswitching on an 8k Odyssey 2 game called "Super Giuseppe", so it's not like I'm a total stranger to it. I don't know where the bank starts, though, so that might be a problem. If it starts on bank 0, I'd have to ask for help on how to get from 0 to 1 since the BIOS doesn't cover how. I wonder if I can make the game start on bank 1 and then go to bank 0 somehow. I don't know what to do, but if I can make an 8k game, surely I can make a 4k game, since I even have with Plumber.

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