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AC2016 - my contribution


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Yop !


Like Fadest, this is the little game I've build during the AC2016 speed coding contest for the Atari Lynx :





"Like a Game&Watch"


The goal : catch the eggs falling from the top of the screen.

You got 3 lives and 2 game speed (Game A and Game B).

If you hit the A button when the chicken appear, you win 10 points but if you hit the A button when the chicken is hidden, you loose 10 points.


The LNX file : http://www.barreteau.org/atari/ac2016/ac2016.lnx

The source files : http://www.barreteau.org/atari/ac2016/AC2016.7z


Enjoy (or not) ! :)


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Oh my an LCD game for LCD based portable system?

Yep, that was the rule for this coding:

"Create a Game&Watch like game"


That's why I choose the Lynx instead of the Jaguar this year !


It's a little game but I'm very happy of the result (done in about 12h) :)

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