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130XE Video goes bad


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I have a 130XE that the video starts going bad after being on for a few minutes. First I see an interference pattern start running through the screen, then the chroma shifts from its standard blue screen to cyan/green.

I hooked it up to several different displays with the Chroma/Luma to S-Video split cable, all getting the same results. I have no devices that I can hook direct RF-Out to since everything I have is modern digital devices. It is likely not the cable because if it was, I would not be seeing anything immediately.

I just swapped out the power supply and for some reason it looks more normal and stayed. Someone made me this custom power supply many many years ago, but it seems like the standard Atari made one works better. I had the same power supply hooked up to an 800XL and the screen totally went blank after about 5 minutes, until I turned the power off and back on.

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