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WTT: Famicom Games


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Hey all.

Been a bit since I've done any selling/trading. I have some Famicom titles that I am willing to part with/trade. I am interested in some of the Famicom exclusives, if anyone has copies for trade. Most interested in Holy Diver, Crisis Force, Over Horizon, Galaxian (also have on multicart) though a legitimate copy of Joy Mech Fight would also be neat (have it on multicart). I am also interested in NES titles as well, since I have both. Guardian Legend, TMNT 3, Princess Tomato, River City Ransom, Bomberman, Lolo, Ultima: Warriors of Destiny, or an actual copy of Galaga are all ones that I would be happy to trade in on. I also do SNES, and Atari 8 bit stuff as well, but don't have a well defined want list on those. Just drop me a line, I'm open to a lot of ideas.






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