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How Many Good Games Do You Think There Are On The Systems You Collect For?

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I thought it might be fun to make a thread for the "curators" out there, and by that I mean people who only collect games that they think are good games worth playing on their systems of choice. The people who keep wants lists for what they consider to be all the good games they know of, and wouldn't buy a game if they didn't think it was going to be enjoyable to play.


With that in mind, for those curators out there, how many games do you think are worth playing on the systems that you collect for? If you combined the number of games you currently own with the number left on your wants list, how many would there be for each system you like?


After pondering the question myself last night, today I did the math to see how many good games worth playing I think there are for the various systems that I've collected for over the years. There's 10 systems in all on my list, and here's how the numbers turned out. Note that this list does include homebrew titles and prototype games and I'm sure there are probably still many good games I've yet to discover for the systems I like. But, of the ones I know about, there are:


Atari 2600: 208

Game Boy: 135

NES: 134

Sega Genesis: 126

Game Boy Advance: 125

PlayStation: 110

Nintendo DS: 105

Game Boy Color: 92

Wii: 67

GameCube: 62



How about you? How many systems have/do you collect for and how many games do you think are worth playing on them? Feel free to share your lists of what you consider the good games for any given system to be as well, just be sure to spoiler tag the lists so that the thread doesn't get clogged up with giant lists of games in every post. :)

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This is an interesting question that could be a lot more interesting if it included names rather than simple counts. I'd be very interested in knowing WHICH 208 Atari 2600 games make your personal cut, and which do not. Maybe sharing a spreadsheet via Google Docs would be fun.


Maybe put the systems in different sheets, the game titles in the first column, and different reviewers/curators in the other columns, with choices for good/bad (and default blank for "don't know). Put a function in the last column that tallies the row's results and outputs rank by community score.

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It's hard to point out.


In most cases I do'nt even own more than 30 games for all the systems I have, so I can't provide.

And I like to try a game before saying it's good or bad.

And... are we talking about "good in general", or "good for me?"

Because there are many games I have played that I don't like, but still they are good games for many. and on the other hand, There are some games that people consider mediocre, but that i like playing. So... well.

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