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New Intellivision Game Idea : Return to Cloudy Mountain


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Hello Gents,


I'm more of a lurker here, I just stop in and see if there is anything new coming out, or what's going on in the beloved INTY world.


But I always had this thought of a classic INTY game using the original AD&D/Cloudy Mountain game format. I always felt there could have been a better version, or more in the original.


My thoughts were this...


Game Objective- Find and kill the dragon, save the princess (or a queen, treasure...world...etc)


Multi-quest game:

1. Find pieces to assemble a magic sword that can only be used to slay the Dragon.

2. Find food.

3. Find Arrows

Like the original... to cross rivers, forrests, gates

4. Find a Boat

5. Find an axe

6. Find a key


Choose a character class:

1. Fighter

2. Mage/Cleric/Wizard

3. Ranger

4. Thief


Same map/maze graphic look... but change the maps to be more variable in look rather than the same 4 maps, with variable colored mountain placement. Let the maps scroll left/right - up/down, and more like a world like the old Ultima games had, so it would need a larger world to fit in the amount of quests.


Inside each mountain maze, the graphics could be similar, however, instead of the map sections popping-up and remaining open, have the 'hero' carry a torch that only lights-up the section he is walking in... so that you have no idea what is around the next corner, let alone you can't see it on the other side of the screen like you can now. This also gives the player the feeling being kind-of lost or helpless to see all around him/her.


The class of the character determines the 'noise' and speed at which the player moves, how the monsters react, and how easy/hard they are to kill.


The types of monsters can be more plentiful... the original had too little and as we know, used the same in other mountains. The types can range... spiders that attack, bats that do harm and that do nothing (color)... tons of D&D monsters to choose from more than I want to list, but just needs to be more in the maze and that do different things.


I'd like the game to be a throwback to the original, giving it recognition, but moving it into a more modern look. Tower of Doom was pretty good in this sense, but lost the feel that Cloudy Mountain had as a true 'classic' in simplicity.


Anyhow... my short thoughts... I mean I could write forever on this one, but I think we have the basic idea ... in my opinion, I think it would be a winner. The original was a lot of fun, and heralded by many as a classic INTY game. I'd like to see this, if it could be done, on the same level as that.


Thanks for listening, I hope my idea is worth of someone giving it a try. I can't program, or have no idea what any of it entails...




PS... for those that remember 'The Intellivision Bodega'.. It was mine. :)










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Another idea that would be nice (and hearkens to your Ultima reference) would be to have random encounters when traveling overland. It'd have to be constrained - think of a Sea Battle kind of situation. You get a zoomed in version of the territory and could encounter wolves / bears / deer and other woodland creatures in the forests to get food, for example. Some piranha or other nasties near the rivers… A fishing mini-game… oops -- bloat sets in all too easy!

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One thing that I wished the original game had was a way to recruit more party members.


My thought was that if you can make it back home, then your party can be replenished. If the new game will have a larger map, then there could be a few homes ("towns") that can be visited.


That would mean you may need to limp back through some of the caves that been repopulated.

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