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AMenard - HOORAY - You are the first person to mention the BASIC tutorials - It makes me feel good that at least ONE TI'er is getting some on info on that....


I didn't own a TI99/4A back in the days, so it's all new to me :-D

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Actually, what I am looking for is the 142-page construction manual from Mike DeFrank, described in the third bullet of this month's timeline entry on page one of Yesterday's News. I have the other schematics that are out there--and used them to make a modern schematic. I was curious as to what would be contained in such a thorough construction manual--142 pages is HUGE, and I have never seen a copy of it anywhere..

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Sparkdrummer, thanks for putting this out each month! I'm just getting started with the TI-99, and I've been finding myself digging through the old newsletters and supplementary disks archived on whtech, as I completely missed out on that scene growing up (my family didn't get a computer until '96, and dialup didn't come until after that). I'll echo what the others have already said, the retro xeroxed newsletter look is the perfect touch!


Also, great timing with the Adventureland article, as I've been exploring that adventure (loaded onto the TI via cassette) lately. I keep trying to avoid too many spoilers, just to see how far I can get, but we'll see how far my willpower takes me...

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Admiral Irony -

Thanks for the flowers. As stated before - I get more enjoyment out of putting YN together than whomever might read it. The timing of the Adventureland article was probably a fluke thing, because I'd put that issue to bed probably a month or so ago. Sometimes I wonder on how many people actually read the thing, but it doesn't matter, If I had just one reader I'd still publish it, just like the calendar.

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I love getting my memory jogged by these things...


I am certain I would have been at the 1988 Seattle Faire... That would have been were I picked up a CC-40, and Mechatronics Gram Karte board with all my paper-route money.


From Barb (in the Puget Sound 99'ers newsletter 1988-01):



The Third Annual Seattle TI99/4A Convention
By Barbara Wiederhold
The 1988 Seattle Convention will be held this year at the Seattle
Center Snoqualmie Room. It will be held on Saturday, September 24.
This is our plan: On Friday, September 23, there will be a hospitality
room open at the Executive Inn next to the Space Needle. Then from
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM will be a discussion session in the Ballroom of the
hotel where you can have the opportunity to questions to VENDORS,
DEALERS, ETC. Dinner will be served at 8:00 PM with a live band (50's
Music) will play until 1:00 AM. This Friday night special will be
pre-sold at 18.00 per person and serving 225 maximum. So, if you can
join this Friday night happening, don't miss it and save that cost
now... bring wife, date, mate, etc... A pretty outstanding setting,
meal, dance, conversation. For the price, buy two tickets, bring a
friend. Saturday morning the convention set up time is 7 A.M. to 9
A.M. at the Snoqualmie room across the Seattle Center grounds near the
Colosium. If you are staying at the Executive Inn, you can call and
arrange for a long black limosine to drive you over to the convention
site on 1st avenue for no charge. So everyone, take this chance to
stay at the hotel friday and or Saturday night. Single rooms 54.00,
double rooms 64.00. 2 to a single room or 4 to a double room will have
to be reserved. We can put you all together somehow and defray that
hotel cost so we can have the Snoqualmie room from 7:00 til Midnight so
9 AM to 1:00 PM we will have seminars. All the distributors, speakers
on special topics will spend that time with us until 1:00 PM. We will
have lots of time to see the products demonstrated and hear what
everyone has to say. Equipment will be covered until 1:00 PM, then the
selling will start until 6:00 PM. After cleanup and putting things
away, we will stay longer for a chat and get together at the
hospitality room on Saturday night. Remember, for those staying at the
hotel, that free black limosine will take you into Seattle, leave you
where you want to go and pick you up again. 



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Interesting rant about Craig Miller... A bit harsh in my view, although I tend to agree that the targeted audience, and hence sales, shrinks the more esoteric a product is.

I did not get back into the TI till the mid-90's even though I was on GEnie, so I was totally oblivious to all this :)

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Vorticon - I agree on it being harsh. Harry Brashear was an exceedingly outspoken individual back in the day, at least in my opinion. He attacked my club (VAST) about the move about to be made to make our club to include ALL computers. It was a bit before my time, but the club suffered because of it. BUT - A good many of the people who wanted to make the change were movers and shakers that had moved on (not UP) to PC's, Macs and or Amigas.


Omega - As always - Thanks for the flowers...

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