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That sucks. I'm currently reading his excellent book SMART PROGRAMMING GUIDE FOR SPRITES. I'm a little surprised to see that their commercial games may have been extended basic, not Assembly. That's encouraging. I've rediscovered the limits of XB (speed mainly). It's amazing to see his tips for improving speed with XB. Did anyone interview him before his death?

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Yesterday News is composed of 11 PagePro pages.
Cover page and pages 1 thru 4 are all 2 page "sides", the back page is a single PagePro page.
Once the newsletter is to my liking I then save each "side" of each page as a PagePro PIC, the exception being the backpage.
The pages are saved as pics from PagePro, LEFT and RIGHT filenames.
I then boot PagePro Composer with the default file set up to load the above LEFT and RIGHT pics saved earlier.
I then print from the TI-99/4A to "FileCap" on the pc - RS232.BA=9600.DA=8.CR with handshaking radio button RTS clicked on.
Once captured, I then run "prn2pbm" which converts the file to a PBM format.
Once converted, The file is loaded into "Irfanview" on the PC. It is an image file.
I then print the image using Acrobat distiller, which of course creates a single page PDF file.
Once the cover page and pages 1 thru 4 are ran thru this process, I then print the back page directly from PagePro to FileCap to capture the file.
Once I have all 6 pages in PDF format, I then boot Adobe Acrobat and build the newsletter and save it.

This is where I found FileCap and prn2pbm:

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Comments are always welcome.


Okay... here are my comments.


I've started to look forward to this newsletter every month , it's always on time, and I learn something old (new to me) too. :thumbsup:

I refuse to read it until I print it off, high quality, double sided and staple the corner. I then get a cup of coffee, get into the recliner and start on page one. When I'm finished it goes into it's own binder so it can be saved and re-read later, or if I kick the bucket, someone may look at them and say, "Hey this TI stuff looks pretty good, I think I'll keep it".

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Comments are always welcome.

Just discovered your excellent newsletter. I've downloaded all six so far, and although I've only read issues 1 and 2, I gotta say that I love it! I've learned so much I either didn't know it had forgotten completely. Thank you so much for putting this out!

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I thought there might be some interest in how I cobble together Yesterdays News every month.

Below you'll find a disk image of the last issue.

You must have Page Pro to look at the files, If you want to print the pages you would need Page Pro Composer except for the back page.


Cover page - PG0C_LEFT, PG0C_RIGHT

Page 1 - PG01_LEFT, PG01_RIGHT

Page 2 - PG02_LEFT, PG02_RIGHT

Page 3 - PG03_LEFT, PG03_RIGHT

Page 4 - PG04_LEFT, PG04_RIGHT

Back page - PG0B_BACK


The disk is DS/DD - it must reside in Drive one after you have loaded Page Pro.



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I'm just thinking out loud here... I remember BITD that Page Pro and IIRC it's other utilities 'took time' to load. Can you imagine having all the programs on the FR99? That would be so much faster that I believe the program would actually get use. Of course I'd probably sector edit mine to use HDX1 for all the fonts and stuff.


I sometimes also wonder how many others would be interested in using their TI's for this kind of stuff.

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Well, I'm lucky enough to have a SCSI controller and a SCSI2SD device. All software that needs to load in additional files go in and out at ramdisk speed, probably faster. Previous to having the SCSI I used one of my HFDC controllers, which were almost as fast. That being said, I agree that it would be nice if software that requires multple files could be one big lump. I bet it's not possible because of memory contraints though.

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