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Atari 5200 Kiosk


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Since Atari 5200 Kiosks and Cartridge Shelving Units appear to be rare, I was wondering if AtariAge Members would be interested in an "Owners List" and/or sharing pictures of the ones they own with the AtariAge Community. I counted about eight members that have the Kiosk (or Point of Purchase Demo Kiosk), and have only seen three 5200 Cartridge Shelving Units (mine and someone has two on Youtube). Additionally, this may help someone locate partial units or parts that may be available for restoration. (FYI, I am not looking to sell mine, I just wanted to share something that is not seen often and appears to be rare).

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I am just curious, is your kiosk console a functioning 5200 or just a empty console? Mine is just an empty console or dummy unit (no mother board or ports). The mother board is bare and inside the lower cabinet. Mine appears to be all original and came from a guy who got it from Montgomery Wards. I have seen some that the console mounted under the monitor appears to be fully functional. Also have you tried to see if the controller is working? Anyway, hopefully you can put them to use.

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Found this thread when researching my new 5200 kiosk. 


Figured I'd join on here.



Picked up in Norcal

I'm the 2and owner. Unit from Montgomery Wards according to 1st owner.


Was working prior to purchase, mostly intact but board wouldn't play any carts upon arrival.

Was missing the monitor shelf, the bottom light, and the knobsfor the display barrel.


Super fun to restore.  I'm now looking for a new option for knobs on the rod that spins the barrel under the cpanel.  I have my own modified 5200 board in place and rebuilt monitor shelf and monitor.  Waiting for a bezel and she will be ready to rock. Minor tweaks like replace leaf switches, clean buttons and stick components etc... 

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