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Odyssey Overlays in High Resolution

Dastari Creel

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I just stumbled across a blog where someone has created high resolution versions of the original Magnavox Odyssey overlays that came packaged with the system. Does anyone know of anyone who's done this for the other games? I intend to create my own "larger" overlays, because I have a 36" TV, and high resolution source files are a godsend. For anyone interested, the ones that I found are:






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Very cool! How would you print overlays for a 36" screen, out of curiosity? Just have a print shop do it on a big transparency or something?

I'm going to print on size D vellum. A 36" 4:3 TV has height 21.6" and width 28.8". Size D is 22 by 34. So if you print in a landscape orientation with 0.2" margins it should work about right.

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