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Intellivision HSC Season 7 - Game 5 Poll


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  1. 1. Game 5 will come alive next week!

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what is the Special Setting?? is not Utopia a two player game???


I cheering for defender!!! :)


No you can get a high score for building through the "timed" game. There's a technique to playing a good game, and it comes with a score. Just dont use a second player.

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Utopia has settings which games are shorter like 10 mins.


It would be a fix setting, not a long marathon 40+ mins.

So the setting would be a 10 min game to try to get the most points. Does it tell you points and minutes played...

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Even if I have to agree that its a new idea, I definitely prefer arcades. We are playing a bad game this week, dont let that happen again next week :)

Remember its only a bad game in " your opinion, you cant judge for all"... :) Plus its a poll, you win some and you lose some.. im not a big fan of Stampede but its all good for me..


Enjoy my Friend you cant win at them all, Even though your a natural at these games as your play indicates..

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