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Randy D Pearson's Newest Book - Tell Me a Story

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Hi all,


For those who don't know me, I'm the bloke who wrote Driving Crazy, that funny road trip story about two life long friends driving across the United States to pick up their very own Crazy Climber arcade cabinet. There's a thread about it here if you're interested.


Well, it's been six years, but I finally have a new book out! It's called Tell Me a Story.


Tell Me a Story is my short story collection - over three dozen of my best received and most enjoyed stories, surrounded by a silly, mildly romantic interconnecting storyline about a man who shows his love for his wife by telling her stories.


The majority of the stories are either humorous or have comedic elements, but there are plenty of suspenseful and serious stories in this collection.


There's not much in the way of video games in this collection, but Jay and Austin (from Driving Crazy) do make an appearance in their very own short story.


It's available at Amazon in a $13.99USD paperback version and a $3.99USD eBook version. It was just released Sat April 23, so it's not quite yet in the distribution networks, so I can't say "everywhere books are sold" just yet.


If you'd like a signed, personalized paperback copy mailed to you, you can pick up a copy directly from my website. They are the same price - $13.99USD, plus shipping. $3.00 for USPS Media Mail in the US... as for outside the US...since when did overseas shipping explode? The cheapest overseas shipping I can find is $22.50. Ridiculous! (If I have even one request from someone outside the US, I will take a book-filled padded envelope to the post office and have them tell me for sure what the shipping will be... maybe I'm reading something wrong or clicking a wrong box.)


Anyway, If you enjoyed my silly humor and my storytelling from Driving Crazy, I know you'll like Tell Me a Story. :)



Smeg (Randy D)



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Just to give you an idea of the kinds of stories that are in this collection, here's a few of the titles and the basic plotlines:


The Rogue Potato Chip - a young man drinks far too many wine coolers (I wrote this story in the mid 80s!) while watching wrestling on TV, and is convinced a Sour Cream Pringles chip is purposely avoiding being eaten.


Lasagna and Sex Therapy - A homeless man, who has no memory of his past, is treated a little too well by some members of this small town. (It's not as salacious as it sounds!)


Deading - The Dead Peoples' Support Group gets an angry new member.


May I Axe You a Question? - If a woman in a tight pink dress knocks on your apartment door with the handle of a fireman's axe, do you let her in?


Don't Mess With Tradition - Halloween can be rather stressful if you've forgotten to buy good candy.


Cornucopia of Crazy - Breaking up can be hard, especially if she's a bit...intense.


The last chapter (50 pages or so) consists of three stories centering around a psychic named Phil Hammel. Even though he vehemently wishes he didn't have any psychic abilities, Phil knows he can't ignore those people who need his help.


I could go on for a long time (there's 37 stories in all) but I'll leave it there.


If you're interested in reading a few stories, to get the feel for my writing style, my website is the place to go. I have some free short stories/articles, as well as excerpts and deleted scenes from Driving Crazy. Check it out!




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Sounds Great!


Are the stories true by chance? Or perhaps fiction with possibly true elements? I'm just curious...


Either way Congrats man!


Thanks so much, GoldLeader!


The majority of the stories are fiction, but many have some true elements to them. For instance, The Morning After (where a young man wakes up on his front lawn without his pants, and has to piece together the evening by calling his friends) is taken from true events... not mine mind you, someone I know. ;)


There are two stories in here that are true:

Loincloths and Bolo Knives is an "adventure" my father had in WWII while stationed in the Philippines. Amazing and scary, but true!

Valuable Life Lessons is something that happened to me while shopping.


On the other hand, the majority of the "connecting storyline" is based on true events, with the occasional embellishment to keep my wife from killing me. ;)


Most of what I write is fiction, primarily because it's really tough to remember what actually happened. :grin:




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Spring is here (and here in Michigan, it already feels like summer!) and that means it's time to lounge around, reading a good book.


Signed copies of Tell Me a Story are available directly from my website for $13.99, or you can pick up an unsigned copy (or a Kindle version for $3.99) via Amazon.


I see that my publisher also has several eBook versions of TMaS available on Smashwords for $3.99!


Also, Driving Crazy is still value priced on my website at $9.99.


Happy Memorial Day weekend! :grin:





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