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Did I break the IntyBASIC compiler?

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I am so confused. I am typing to compile a simple program (http://pastebin.com/wSdYfPAq) which appears to be causing IntyBASIC and as1600 to have a bit of a disagreement. I'll link the INCLUDEd file if needed -- it's just halfwidth alphabet data as a bunch of DATA statements with no execution.


Anyway, IntyBASIC with the --jlp switch is processing it just fine:



IntyBASIC compiler v1.2.5 Feb/16/2016

© 2014-2016 Oscar Toledo G. http://nanochess.org/
4 used 8-bit variables of 228 available
76 used 16-bit variables of 8000 available
Compilation finished


...but as1600 doesn't like what it's outputting and won't compile it:







When I look in the .lst file that as1600 generates for the error, a few thousand lines in I see the following:

50F6 0283 033F 			MVI _color,R3
50F8 0284 033E 			MVI _screen,R4
				CALL PRNUM16.l
alphabet2.asm:3216: ERROR - undefined symbol  PRNUM16.l
50FA 0004 0100 0000 
50FD 0244 033E 			MVO R4,_screen

Does anyone have any idea what's going on here? I'm still trying to learn IntyBASIC but I'm absolutely baffled here. Thanks in advance!

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Aha! Okay, easy fix - I'm surprised the compiler didn't complain about it though. Thanks!


There are still many things the compiler doesn't complain about. Some is by design, some is just due to nanochess's time. You'll learn pretty quick what you can get away with.


I'm surprised you aren't seeing a warning from this, though: DIM #TILES(4 * 18). IntyBASIC only allows 47 16-bit values, max. You're trying to define 72!

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