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which version of SIO2PC is this?


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I acquired this recently - and have tried getting it working with the various versions of software available. Try as I might it doesn't seem to work with stuff like AspeQt.


So some questions:


1] which version of SIO2PC is it?

2] what PC software will work with it to boot an ATR to a real Atari or create real disks from ATR files?

3] are there any setup instructions anywhere for it?



I've attached an "opened up" picture of it if that'll help with identification


thanks for any help




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The one to try is APE -- this is the most compatible with all. Make sure you designate it to run as administrator, even if your account is admin.


2 - IS it a PCtoSIO cable.. allowing you to hook up an ATARI drive to the PC via usb.. again.. I think you can use APE or prosystem.. and see if it works that way.



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The silkscreen in the corner indicates that this SIO2PC/USB is by mega-hz, copyright 2011.


I can't read the name he gave it, the wires obstruct part of that. From what can be seen it is likely USB2SIO.


Depending on the PC software used you may need to adjust the handshaking signals, used to connect the SIO COMMAND signal to the PC.

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hi, yes. i figured

the usb2sio [c] 2011 mega-hz


but i struck out - luck-wise on abbuc.de

Did you try adjusting the handshake signaling, the USB2SIO has a solder jumper to set it for RI(ring indicator) or CTS(clear to send). Hidden by wires in the posted images.


Here is a link to the 2011 ABBUC hardware contest winners, the USB2SIO took second place.


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