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Atari 800 ram free ?

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Hello everyone,


I'm happy to have finally found a working ntsc 800. I'm a total noob with this particular model ! So by working I mean I was able to get the blue basic screen and to play some cartridges.


To check the ram cards I left just 16K inside, and typed ? FRE(0). I got something like 13000. Seems normal to me.

Then I plugged the second 16K, and got ~29000. Again, seems normal.

Finally plugged the remaining 16K, and now I have "only" 37902.


Does that mean that some ram chips are out ? How much free ram should I get ?


Thank you for reading :)

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So my ram cards are ok ?

I was surprised to see it jump from 13000 to 29000 (+16000) with the second card, then only jump +8000 with the third


Thank you !

This is because the 8K BASIC cartridge occupies the 40 to 48K region, making this RAM unavailable to BASIC.


The second card must be a 16k card and the other just an 8k card..

If the first was an 8K card he wouldn't get ~13K free, most likely some reserved regions, same reason only 37902 is free when 40K(40960 bytes) is available.

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My third card is a 16K one (all three are) :


Well, if someone can check someday and post his result, I'd be glad !


the ~37000 number is totally normal for a 48K system, as described by BillC, you can be pretty sure your RAM cards are working properly, and are all 16K. If you really have doubts, try them one at a time in the first slot, you should get the ~13000 number each time.

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