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Mysterious Song PC ENGINE/ TURBOGRAFX-16 2014 Release Version: $19.95


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OK it's a BIN, not a true auction (and it's not mine), so I dunno if this should technically be in the other forum or what. Anyways....




Homebrew RPG for your Turbografx/PC Engine CD. Usually goes for 40+ I think.

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The party that made the game is closing so no more new feature or new game but they will try to support what's already released.


I would not be surprised if this game ends up selling around $100 in the used market in a few years like Zaku for Lynx are going nowday. No new game supply = jacked up price.


PS please don't be a dick and buy 100's of them then sit on it for a few years and sell it 10x the original price. Leave those stuff to sellers like happiestsellerever.

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