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Convert MiniMemory Cassette tape in FIAD File ? -- Help --


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If you have a wav file that you can post here, I would like to try to convert it.


Thank you for your offer Fredrik ! :) i will send you anyway the .wav if you want also if i will try the solution with this software kit :P


This may be it....MM-SAVE & MM-LOAD. :)


Very good ! thank you for the help. i will try next hours to save it ! :D


Ah, yup! That is the one. Mind, it does not take the program directly from tape to disk, rather it just dumps all of the 4K memory from >7000 to >7FFF to a program file on disk.


Ok, nice info, i will try to use this afternoon and back here for news update ;)

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I tried the MM-disk on classic99 v389 for some tests but i have some error in loading games in this disk


Classic99 with MiniMemory cartridge


option 1 - Ti Basic


old dsk1.mm-load




and this is the result:




what I wrong ? each game in the disk give me always same error

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Wasn't it POKEV / PEEKV?


well, i checked


in the .dsk linked by Fritz


This may be it....MM-SAVE & MM-LOAD. :)


there are two versions of the FIAD load file: MMLOAD and MM-LOAD




anyway with MM-LOAD i have a different error but programs do not loading...

i have to try it on a real machine but it is strange to me anyway




Same on js99er.net






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If I - for example - want to start the "Bomber" from this disk, what to do after the MM-LOAD ?


I also tried a lot, but if I load the Bomber, nothing happens ? The MM-Loader remains... Any hint ?



After mm-load, reset the TI, then option 3-for Mini-Memory, then option 2-Run...program name 'start' :-D

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