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Dodge em Tron light cycles


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Has anyone thought of doing a hack of Dodge 'em but with the light cycles from Tron?


The two games seem pretty similar (at least if you compare the light cycles part for Tron) and I've just been thinking about such a hack.


I really like the animated bike sprite from this post:




Would any of you be interested in developing such a hack (preferably with Tron colours)?


I use the emulator found on 2600online.com and as far as I know a bunch of games don't work on it (such as Video Life and Space Rocks). I hope that won't be the case...

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Agreed we need more TRON games. Check out this hack of surround as light cycles. One of my favorites that I play almost everyday:



That's an interesting hack. I discovered Surround later so that's pretty much my wish fullfilled.

This hack changes the colour scheme only though, and while it doesn't change the sprites, I suppose it's alright as a 2600 tron cycles game. Might be more faithful with a blue vs yellowish colouring though.


All that's left is probably to hack it to make it look like the original arcade game Blockade that this was based on, if it hasn't been done before.

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