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Flag Capture (c) 1978 picture label GREEN text FOUND 4/29


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Hello everyone, I'm a new member here but I've been collecting games a long time. My main interests are Neo Geo and 16 bit stuff but I have always collected a little Atari on the side.


Just wanted to join and share with you guys what I think may be a somewhat significant find I made today. While purusing a local game store in my area (Tampa Bay, FL) I happened upon a very clean copy of Flag Capture - picture label with GREEN text, copyright 1978. My good friend Supergun advises me that there are only 1 to 2 other confirmed copies of this one out there to date. That is pretty amazing! This copy is quite clean. I collect Sears variants and all Atari picture labels and just happened to pick this one up because I didn't recognize seeing it before.


Price was $3.99. The date on the sticker said 4/28 which means the shop just got it in yesterday :) Had no idea what it was when I bought it, just knew that it was a cool picture label I didn't have.


Not selling right now, but any questions feel free to ask :)




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I saw about this in one of the other threads Supergun posted in. I've been collecting for almost 20 years and I never even heard of this label variation until I read that thread. This has to be up there with the Atari text label "Space Combat" and "Baseball" variants. :) (I think those were prototypes, but still!)

Very cool, brother. :thumbsup: Enjoy it!

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As I said in my reply to Supergun's post, awesome! I've been waiting a long time for another one of these to turn up. Congratulations.


Is there a date code stamped into the end label? The only other copy of this variant has one, which looks to be "21 2 R".


Actually, would you mind posting a photo of the end label?

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Thanks guys. Here's a few more pics, the second one is the best pic I can give of the date stamp area. It very well could be 21 2 R but it is very tough to discern. The first number/character is about unreadable, followed by either a 1 or 7 (probably 1), definitely a 2, and then what I thought was a 3 or 8 (but could very well be R).

EDIT - trying to figure out how to attach images. It was so easy for my first post. LOL
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