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Where to buy 5.25s?

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I got a couple boxes of new sealed old stock DDSD off eBay a few years ago and they have been spot on perfect ... They are verbatim so not a crap brand to start with (we seemed to always use them or Memorex back in the day)


I only use them on my Apple //c so a couple boxes goes a long way when a few constantly get rewritten with whatever disk image tickles my fancy that day

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Robert Bernardo

Fresno Commodore User Group


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Seems like this has several options. But I instantly disregard a website without listed prices. It's 2016, those 'contact us for pricing' gimmicks don't get me anymore.

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I like that unformatted floppies are 10$ cheaper :D


I guess for someone in the US, those floppies are a cheap option.


50 HD floppies for 30$ is rather decent. (tho you have to add 10 bucks for the sleeves... sneaky.)


Else, eBay local ads.


My father asaid that his company, about 6 years back, emptied full racks of 5"25 and 3"1/4 floppies. Directly in the dumpsters.

He saved me a box od 5"25 but if he had knew I would have liked to get more... Ah well, that's life.

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Yeah, that's the one I was referencing.


I had to scroll back to see that but, yeah, I understand them to be very reputable. I think I will order my next batch from there. I have been snagging boxes of 10 from eBay but finding a growing failure rate. I have 10 yellow and 10 orange I picked up about a year ago which are all bad. Time makes fools of us all.

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