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Original NES Game Loading Issue


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I have tried to fix the pins on the 72-pin connector my NES already had and got them back to looking new...I have tried a newly bought 72-pin connector that was un-used and have this same issue.


When I put games in the NES and hit power, the screen is blue most of the time (sometimes the game will start fine). But if I push down on the cartridge, holding it down, and dont let it pop-up the little bit it does after you release the cart loader (about a 1/2 inch it comes back up), the game loads fine and can be started.


What else can I look at on my system? Its driving me nuts as two different connectors do the same thing..and one was new!

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I'm just guessing here but I think when you put it back together you did not get the little plastic tab in the center of the plastic tray below the main board. I'm pretty sure I had your issue in the past and I think that was the cause. You are causing the pressure to hit the pins at the wrong time.

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