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OFFICIAL - D2K Arcade Special Edition Release Information

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Hombrew, Inc. is proud to announce that D2K Arcade Special Edition will go on sale starting Saturday, May 7, 2016 at 10am PDT (5pm GMT) at NaberHood.com. The game is posted at the website, but the buy button will not be available until Saturday at 10am. Shipping to begin the following week.


D2K SE game 1 will be the entire Jupman Returns levels programmed by Carl Mueler, Jr. They are same screens as the unofficial arcade game. That means some different screens than included on D2K Arcade. And the "how high can you get? " screen will be replaced as well. Game 2 will be from the original D2K Arcade (cartidge will not include DK Arcade).


The first 20 copies will be extra special. They will include clear cartridge shells, D2K SE Overlays instead of standard D2K Arcade overlays and a D2K SE Poster (shipped seperately).


There will be 220 total copies manufactured. 20 will be promotional copies that are not for sale and 81 others have already been sold to get this project off the ground. That leaves 119 left for purchase starting Saturday.


Revervations will not be taken, however, you can request a particular serial number at the time of purchase in the PayPal Note or other means. If that number has not been sold already, you can have it. If it has been sold you will get the next number in line.


The following numbers are available and their prices (shipping is additional at checkout):


1 - $250

2 - $200

6 - $150

8 to10 - $150

16 to 19 $150

21 to 29 - $100

31 to 130 $100


Note: This is not an Elektronite or Classic Game Publishers, Inc. release.

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Since its not really rare and pretty average for a homebrew, why 100$? What is so special to ask for such a high price?



Ignorama, you missed some stuffs ! For this price, you have shipping included and a pretty woman will come to your place for a naughty laptop !





$100 ? Seriously ?

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No that is wrong. There are new screens, but it also includes the original D2K game. So if you count them as two games there is a new game and a already released one.


What I wonder about is that part:



The first 20 copies will be extra special. They will include clear cartridge shells, D2K SE Overlays instead of standard D2K Arcade overlays and a D2K SE Poster (shipped seperately).


So most SE copies are on sale without SE overlays? And if there are no other goodies I pay 100$ for a box (probably new artworks of course), old overlays and a (probably new) manual? So no bling bling to add value? I really don't see where the price of 100 $ comes from, do I miss something special?



If I miss nothing, I really have this picture in my head:



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And its not even a new artwork (just noticed that there are already pictures). Yeah, count me out. I doubt that I will ever pay 100$ for a Intellivision Homebrew-Release, but this really feels like a ripoff, sorry man.

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but the image of the box on naberhood.com has Elektronite written on it


Since Tim and Carl are my friends, I've known about this release for a while. I arranged testing for it too. However, it is not an Elektronite release. Elektronite releases are not limited. This release clearly is. Maybe you didn't catch the post where Tim mentioned that he bought the remaining cardboard and overlays for D2K Arcade from me? There is no Elektronite Splash screen, nor CGPI copyrights on any of the new materials, just the recycled ones.


D2K Arcade was never an exact clone of D2K Jumpman Returns. The Special Edition is. It also saves high scores on the cartridge. The 'bonus' game is the currently unavailable D2K Arcade for Intellivision. It is premium priced and limited. There won't be any more made I've been told.

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I might sit this one out. The premium copies sound cool with the new levels, clear cart shell with new label, new overlays, new manual, and a sweet poster; however a new box would be a big bonus for collectors to differentiate on display. I realize a new box print would be costly, though. Either way, those are way out of my price range. Limited as they are, I get that these aren't for everyone.


The $100 level only offers new levels, new cart label and new manual. Same box, same overlays. It might be good for someone who missed out on the original D2K release that's no longer available at its original price of ~$70, but still a hefty premium for a slight upgrade with mostly original components.


Not trying to talk anyone out of this, I'm just weighing in.

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