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Gleylancer hates me lol.


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So I was just playing this and mind you I know my reflexes are a little slow right now as I am tired but still. I was on Stage 4 and for some reason I died every time in same spot lol. After you fly through the split box section you get the rebound that is centered in the middle surrounded on 3 sides by walls and then you get the row of like 5 guns shooting vertical at you that you need to get past.... yeah yeah I died very time there....stupid shit lol. One time I ran spaceship into the wall.... maybe it was 2 times LOL.


Anyhow I continued and grabbed the 5 way in beginning even though I prefer other choices, I still have not memorized the ships and the weapons they give. Regardless I got to the red mini boss and for some reason I didn't kill him and he went past me and as soon as he got by me the FN game reset on me... I assume because I didn't kill him. Damn you Gleylancer.


Top image where I died. Bottom image the boss I didn't beat and game reset on me.





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jesus, that does look brutal, haha...i adore SHMUPs but never put in enough time to learn the patterns. i can totally see me selling a kidney for this one someday & absolutely struggling to get even that far!


Or you could buy a Reproduction from me that has been converted to NTSC and put on a genesis cart :)



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